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People's Watch of Memory project
April 06, 2016

National Park Smolensk Lakeland has completed the main phase of the work on the content of geographic information platform "People's Watch of Memory".

In the expedition format commemorative objects of World War II located in the national park were examined, their geospatial referencing was carried out as well as their photofixation and evaluation of the current state.

The bison returned to the Smolensk region
March 25, 2016

To the National Park Smolensk Lakeland arrived two females of the European bison.

The trip to Smolensk bison went well and now exploring new lands. In November 2015 from Yaroslavl Zoo were introduced first bisons (bulls Yaroslav and Jari). Since 2014 the National Park Smolensk Lakeland is among the participants of the programme “Study and restoration of European bison in Central Russia”. In the framework of this project planned to create in the Park area wild population of bison, in accordance with the Strategy for the conservation of bison in Russia.

Birding rally
March 15, 2016

Smolensk Lakeland NP has a pleasure to invite to the birding contest which will be held April 9, 2016. We invite everybody to take part in this event! The main task of the teams is to take pictures for some definite time, and then properly identify as many bird species as possible. Also, participants will have the opportunity to admire the spring Lakeland, visit the wetland center of the national park, take a walk in the fresh air, to learn a lot of new things, to satisfy the hunting excitement with no shots and also find a new and interesting hobby.



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